10K in 7 Days System Review Is 10K in 7 Days Scam Or Legit?

10K in 7 Days System Review Is 10K in 7 Days Software A Scam Or Legit? What’s 10K in 7 Days System? My 10K in 7 Days Review Share The Honest Truth About 10K in 7 Days APP Until Invest in It

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10K in 7 Days Review

10K in 7 Days binary options trading strategy – are sexy trading system that uses one of the most common phenomena in the binary market – weekly gap between the last closing price of Friday’s session and the current price for the opening session Monday. Gap itself derives its origin from the fact that the currency market continues to absorb 10K in 7 Days financial news over the weekend, to open the Monday session at the most liquid level. The strategy presented here is based on the assumption that the price gap is the result of speculation and high volatility, and therefore open a trading center in the opposite direction are likely to be profitable after a few days.

Regular trading with clear rules.
No sniper to stop-loss orders or previous views premature.
Statistically able to make a profit.
You should open the trading center at the end of the week and close it by the end directly.

How to trade?
Select a currency pair which is characterized by a high degree of volatility. I highly recommend using the yen GBP because it showed the best results during testing. But other couples associated with the Japanese yen could also work successfully. By the way, this is a good strategy when used on all major currency pairs at the same time.
When a new week begins to look whether there is a gap or not. The gap must be at least five times 10K in 7 Days on the currency pair. Otherwise it will not be considered a signal the fact.
If the opening price Monday (or Sunday evening if you trade from North America or South) lower than the closing price of Friday (or Saturday morning if you trade from Oceania or East Asia), the gap would be considered negative here and you have to open bullish Center.
If the opening price is higher than Monday’s closing price Friday, the gap here are positive and then you have to open sale center.
Do not place a stop loss or profit taking orders (this is a rare occasion but already put a stop loss is not recommended in this strategy).
Directly before the end of the trading session and weekly (for example, five minutes from the end before) will have to close the trading center.

You can see the GBP yen over the past seven weeks (until 24 May 2010) and all these weeks have seen sharp price gaps. 6 of 7 of them gave the correct signals made a lot of profits. The last gap gave the wrong signal and caused the loss medium. 10K in 7 Days Average to GBP yen was 3 points during the probationary period and all-price gaps were more than 15 points and thus were all valid signals. Total net profit in 1612 was a point in seven weeks – not bad at all.

Is 10K in 7 Days A Scam

$10K in 7 Days Software is Not A Scam It’s legit and Safe Binary Options Trading System. $10K in 7 Days is Automated Binary Options Trading Signals Software . Download 10K in 7 Days System APP %100 Risk-Free + $1K Bonus Free NOW…

10K in 7 Days